• $35 NZD per hour for Audio Recording/Production
• $40 NZD ph for Mobile/Remote Recording within Auckland
• $25 NZD per track/song Mastering
• Mixing only, includes Mastering: $250 per song
• D.I.Y Studio Hire (No Engineer): $15 per hour Min 3 hours booking (Great for freelance audio engineers)
• Session Musicians: $20 ph each

• Rehearsal: $50 for 3 hours
• Drum Kit Hireage: $15 for 3 hours
• Instruments/Amps/PA: Inquire as prior booking needed.

Please Note: A $35 fee is required to secure bookings for recording, this amount will be deducted from final invoice.

I offer some of the best rates in the country and easily the lowest rate in the whole world for online mastering. However, dont let the cheap studio charges fool you into thinking the quality is compromised, the biggest advantage of a home recording studio is clients get to spend a whole lot more time sculpting the music without the stress of finances or deadlines.

Being based in central Auckland also provides flexibility for many clients who prefer the D.I.Y option.