Music Recording for Bands/Solo Artists, Instrument/Vocal/Speech Recording, Music Mixing, Music Mastering and Production Packages. Mobile Recording. D.I.Y options available. *Now offering The Sudio as a band rehearsal area* Instrument and P.A hire. Video Production / Music Videos. Music for Film.

Music Mastering: No matter where you are in the world, you can use my Drop Box (Simply click on the red tab above to access Drop Box) to send me your stereo files simply by dragging and dropping straight into my Uploader widget. Once i have worked on it i can email a 30 sec sample for free back to you and if you are 100% satisfied with the sound, we can organize payment and delivery of the full track in whatever format you desire. Everything is done through a private server so your music/data is protected.

We are now open to bands/artists looking to rehearse, Drums, instruments and amplifier hire available. Cheap Rates, great for bands who are are in need of a soundproof area to make some noise in.

We also provide Video Production services, Filming, Music Videos/Live gig filming, Music for Film, Composition and Voice over work. Feel free to inquire, quotes will be provided.

Session Musicians available: You got a song idea in your head that you want to come to life but cant get the sampler to sound convincing enough? No worries, we have access to helpful muso’s, song writers/arrangers, also instruments available for hire upon request!

D.I.Y: So you know your way around a studio? Do it all yourself. Engineer will be on premises so no worries. If you have an apple computer you can plug right into the studio interface and record straight into the DAW of your choice.

Remote Recording: Mobile Audio recording service available, enquire about details!

Graphic Design and Videographers available to create stunning visuals to go along with your music, inquire for details.

Studio Owner/Sound Engineer: My name is Suda Badri, I am deeply passionate about music and sound, music has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. Originally trained as a singer/vocalist (Traditional Indian music, Rock, Barbershop, Theater) then made the jump into the world of Audio Engineering and spent 3 years gaining a Bachelors of Audio Production from SAE Studios in Byron Bay, Australia.Currently in a hip hop band called Sons of Mums and involved with the hip hop battle scene.

Audio Mastering is my deepest passion, I have spent much time crafting a set of processes i feel bring out the best in any music. I believe with the tools available today, mastering does not have to be as expensive as it once was. I have a monitoring setup that lets me hear every nuance in the audio and tools to sculpt/polish the signal so it sounds sophisticated and smooth yet will not fall short in terms of loudness when compared to commercial releases from audio mastering studios which charge much, much, more.

I favour artists more than i do genres, I enjoy working on all genres of music and my ethos within sound engineering is “Everybody deserves to sound good!” I am proud of my work and believe the prices are a reflection of my ethos. I just want the end product to sound as amazing and engaging as possible for the listener.

“Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.”
– Frank Zappa

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